Friday, May 25, 2012

Full Movies On Youtube!

Since Youtube have abandoned their ridiculous 10 minute restrictions, their have been some terrific uploads of full movies:

Nightmare (1981) Romano Scavolini's gory slasher

The Ninth Configuration

Madman (1982) Early slasher

The Cannibal Man (1973) Spanish psycho sickie!

The Blue Eyes Of The Broken Dolls (1976)

The House With The Laughing Windows (1976)

Tales That Witness Madness (1973) Classic Brit horror anthology

Raw Force - Kung-Fu Zombie Exploitation!

In The Folds Of The Flesh (1970) Sleazy giallo

Spectres (1987) Supernatural Italo horror with Donald Pleasance

Island Of The Living Dead (2008) One of Bruno Mattei's last films

The Devil Hunter (1980) Jess Franco shocker

Bloody Moon (1980) Jess Franco gory slasher

Ilsa - She Wolf Of The SS - The notorious nazisploitation!

Hands Of Steel (1986) Sergio Martino Terminator rip-off

Death Walks On High Heels (1971) giallo with class

Without Warning (1980) Stellar B cast in gory Alien / Predator hybrid

Seytan (1976) The notorious Turkish Exorcist rip-off

Leatherface: Texas Chainsa Massacre 3 - Workprint with lots of extra footage

Behind the scenes of Creepshow (1982) rare TV clip

The Incredible Melting Man - a 70s grindhouse classic

The Puma Man (1980) Utterly terrible yet fun Superman rip-off

The Supersonic Man (1979) Spanish Superman rip-off with Cameron Mitchell, Spanish language only

Star Odyssey (1979) Cheap Italo Star Wars knock-off

Anthropophagus (1980) Joe D'amato psycho cannibal slasher

Absurd (1981) More gory D'amato / Eastman mayhem

So, not just dancing kittens then...