Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New York Ripper - Soundtrack

Music by Francesco De Masi to the eyeball slashing gorefest that is Lucio Fulci's Lo Squartatore Di New York. Released in 1982 and following the success of his previous Gothic projects (The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, City Of The Living Dead), this film - essentially a gory giallo with a vicious killer stalking New York - was a disappointment for fans and something of a turning point in his career. Having the killer adopt the voice of Donald Duck to taunt the police is just plain stupid and the leaden pacing and flat photography make the gore scenes a chore to get through. The hard-gore/soft-porn misogynistic nature of the film also managed to alienate all but the most hardened splatter fan and the film was subsequently banned in many territories (including my own, Australia). It doesn't help that lead actor Jack Hedley looks like he would rather be ANYWHERE else. However... it does feature another fine score from Francesco De Masi, composer of Thunder, Lone Wolf McQuade and a whole bunch of Spaghetti Westerns. The track "April Night" (performed by Walter Rizzati) also turns up in the Australian video trailer for "Cannibal Apocalypse". Weird, eh? And as a useless bit of trivia, the screenwriters of this film (Vincenzo Mannino & Gianfranco Clerici) later re-worked the screenplay to become Ruggero Deodato's Off Balance / Un Delitto Poco Comune (1988).
EDIT: This updated version has a more consistent bitrate (@320) as well as a few cover versions of the title theme. Thank you to those musicians; I'm hoping in the spirit of Fulci-ness, they won't mind me sharing their fantastic versions!

1 - New York One More Day
2 - Phone Call
3 - New York One Night
4 - Puerto Rico Club
5 - The Ripper
6 - New York One More Day (Funk)
7 - Fay
8 - Where Is The Ripper?
9 - New York One Night 2
10 - Puerto Rico Club 2
11 - Suspense And Murder
12 - Waiting For The Killer
13 - New York One More Day (Funk - Long Mix)
14 - Fay (Alternate)
15 - New York One More Day (Funk - Alternate Mix)
16 - April Night (Walter Rizzati)
17 - Porn Scene Song (I Got A Misery?)
18 - New York One More Day (Another Dead Junkie)
19 - New York One More Day (Jazz Version)
20 - New York One More Day (Island Rocks)
Bonus - Original Trailer

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Goblin Project 2

Due to popular demand... Well, kind of... A follow-up to my previous Goblin collection, this volume collects some of their lesser known projects. First up, is the Discocross album, a groovy dancefloor disco beast arranged by one Giorgio Farina and performed by the classic line-up of Goblin circa 1978. Only 3 tracks, but well worth a listen.

Next up is the later studio album "Volo" (or "Flight") which featured only the remnants of the original line-up (Fabio Pignatelli being the mainstay), added some studio musicians and some pretty mellow pop tunes with Italian vocals. It's not an outright disaster, but I'm not sure it's the sound you want to hear Goblin associated with. It's worth noting that it's the release of this album from 1982 which led to the Tenebre spoundtrack not receiving an official Goblin credit at the time. The pleasant tune "Est" was also later reworked for the "Notturno" soundtrack.

Finally, we have some (otherwise unreleased) music from "Squadra Antimafia", the follow-up to the Thomas Milian/Nico Giraldi vehicle "Squadra Antigangsters". The audio is taken straight from a video source, complete with snippets of sound and dialogue, so thanks to the original ripper.

1 - Farina's Suite (Discocross)
2 - Tawawa's (Discocross)
3 - Suite Slide Return (Discocross)
4 - Polvere Blu (Volo)
5 - Fortuna (Volo)
6 - Giornata Isterica (Volo)
7 - Agrodulce (Volo)
8 - Armonia (Volo)
9 - Volo (Volo)
10 - Punta Di Rottura (Volo)
11 - Est (Volo)
12 - Squadra Antimafia 1
13 - Squadra Antimafia 2
14 - Squadra Antimafia 3
15 - Squadra Antimafia 4

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cannibal Apocalypse - Soundtrack

This is the soundtrack for Antonio Margheriti's Cannibal Apocalypse (aka Apocalypse Domani, Invasion Of The Flesh Hunters, Virus, and many others...), a rip-roaring bit of exploitation nonsense starring John Saxon. Vietnam veterans return to America with a cannibalistic virus and run amuck! As the virus spreads and the police edge closer, the desperate group of cannibals hide in the city sewers. Not really a zombie or cannibal film, although the film is clearly inspired by Dawn Of The Dead (screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti manages to throw in a biker gang and a trip to the mall). It's all pretty silly but there's the occasional jolting gore scene (John Morghen has a gaping hole blown thrown his torso, for example) to perk things up. Then there's the alternatively funky and creepy score from Alessandro Blonksteiner, who really oughtta have composed more Euro Schlock scores. Still awaiting a CD re-issue, this is the longest version available, complete with some bonus bits n pieces...


1 - Jane
2 - Apocalypse
3 - Impossible Love
4 - Apocalypse & Love
5 - Boys & Girls
6 - Underground Fugue
7 - Market Suspense
8 - Jane 2
9 - Station Service
10 - Impossible Love 2
11 - Dreadful Night
12 - Jane 3
13 - Target Firing
14 - At The Hospital
15 - Cannibal Apocalypse m20
16 - Cannibal Apocalypse m27
17 - Cannibal Apocalypse - Suite 1
18 - Cannibal Apocalypse - Suite 2
Bonus - Original Trailer

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hello there fellow film music fan, hope you're enjoying the posts. Going to take the opportunity to issue a few requests for albums that have somehow escaped my grasps. I'm not aware of any CD re-issues. Any assistance would be much appreciated!

- La Preda (Vince Tempera & Fabio Frizzi) - Cinevox LP MDF 33/77
- Amore Libero (Fabio Frizzi) - Cinevox LP MDF 33/76
- Brivido Giallo (Simon Boswell) - Cinevox LP/Cassette
- Red Light Movies (Nico Fidenco) - Beat LP

Sex Suites

Now that I have your attention... A collection of sexy themes from some of the sleaziest films of Italian Schlock Cinema. Is it any surprise Joe D'Amato's name is behind most of these titles? Lots of sweet funky tunes (and some downright rude background noise). And I have no idea why Fabio Frizzi's theme from End Of Innocence / Emanuelle's Daughter Blue Belle turned up again in 7 Notes In Black. Must have felt it was just to good to waste on a sexploitation flick. Listen to it with someone you love... As usual,

1 - Yellow Emanuelle (Nico Fidenco)
2 - With You / End Of Innocence (Linda Lee & Fabio Frizzi)
3 - Annie Belle / End Of Innocence (Linda Lee & Fabio Frizzi)
4 - Mandinga (Marcello Giombini)
5 - Waves Of Lust (Marcello Giombini)
6 - Images In A Convent (Nico Fidenco)
7 - Pleasure Shop On 7th Avenue (Bruno Biriaco)
8 - Hard Sensation (Alessandro Alessandroni)
9 - Orgasmo Nero - Sensual Suite (Stelvio Cipriani)
10 - Orgasmo Nero - Climax Suite (Stelvio Cipriani)
11 - Porno Holocaust - Title Theme (Nico Fidenco)
12 - Porno Holocaust m2 (Stelvio Cipriani)
13 - Porno Holocaust m3Italic (Stelvio Cipriani)
14 - Porno Holocaust m4 (Stelvio Cipriani)
15 - Porno Holocaust m5 (Stelvio Cipriani)
16 - Porno Holocaust m6 (Stelvio Cipriani)
17 - Porno Holocaust m7 (Stelvio Cipriani)
18 - Play Motel (Ubaldo Continiello)
..... and a special message from a sexy friend!