Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Have a happy & safe New Year...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Red Light Movies - Nico Fidenco

A kind soul has uploaded the Nico Fidenco rarity 'Red Light Movies' onto Youtube & I've taken the liberty of downloading the tracks, tagging & converting them to mp3 at the highest possible settings and then compiling them as they originally appeared on this rare & long out of print LP.

The original LP featured a compilation of themes from the trio of obscure Italo sexy comedies Benevenuto Sesso, Labbra Bagnate & Le Ereditere Superporno. The album is mostly Fidenco compositions, however the Benevenuto Sesso tracks were actually composed by While you could easily be mistaken for expecting hip-grinding synths & wacka-wacka fuzz guitars, it's actually nothing of the sort. It's a far more restrained collection in tone than you might expect; it's almost "respectful" at times... A welcome release nonetheless - feel the love!

More details about the original LP can be had over here:

Nico Fidenco

"Red Light Movies"

Beat LPF 054 (1981)

1 - Away

2 - Small Fawn Clawn

3 - Red Sound

4 - Emotional Service

5 - Black Soft

6 - Dutch Poppy

7 - Helen's Love

8 - Fly, Oh, Fly!

9 - Romantic July I

10 - Romantic July II

11 - Rectangle

12 - Solitude Love

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Just a small share this time around but it's a little gem. A little aural treat in the Otis Redding / James Brown vein, courtesy of Wess & The Airedales. These funky soul tunes were originally released on a rare 45 that was issued by Durium in Italy way back in 1969. "Just Tell Me" is from the Umberto Lenzi giallo Orgasmo while "Crazy" hails from the Vedo Nudo soundtrack (although I've noticed this single mix is a little different to the version included on the complete soundtrack).

No complete album for Piero Umiliani's score to Orgasmo was ever issued but another 45 was released (this time by CAM) which contains the title vocal theme "Fate Had It Planned So", backed with Angelo Lavagnino's title theme to Un Corpo Caldo Per L'Inferno. You can check it out on Youtube over here ( but the quality is pretty rough. If anyone has it in better quality, please drop me a line.

Not a great deal seems to be known about the mysterious Wess but he (and unnamed session musicians) sounds in fine form here. From the Wiki entry:

"Wesley Johnson aka Wess (August 13, 1945 - September 21, 2009) was an American born Italian singer perhaps mostly known for representing Italy along with Dori Ghezzi in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975 in Stockholm, Sweden, placing third. He Formed a successful duo with Ghezzi achieving some big hits in Italy, such as "Voglio Stare Con Te", "Come Stai? Con Chi Sei?" and "Un Corpo E Un'Anima". Originally from North Carolina, Wess moved to Italy in the '60s to pursue a musical career. Wess died in New York during his US tour when a breathing crisis lead to his death. Wess also played in the funk-soul band Wess & The Airedales in the mid '60s to early '70s"

Orgasmo (45 RPM)

Durium CN A 9297

Italy / 1969

1 - Just Tell Me

2 - Crazy

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Everything's Got To Go!

Well, maybe not exactly but almost. After a long break from posting around here, I'm hoping to get some new shares up here shortly. In the meantime, I've made the big decision (for various reasons) to strip back my soundtrack collection via Ebay. I've been collecting soundtracks for 20 years now, so it's a painful process but must be done. All original CDs (other than "official" bootleg releases) that have only been played a handful of times before being kept in secure storage. A lot of these titles are long out of print & I'm starting with a low reserve, so grab yourself a bargain before these titles vanish forever! I will be selling more titles over the next few weeks, although if you have requests or further questions, feel free to drop me a line. Meanwhile, happy bidding!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snail Panic

Well, what's a blog without a few shameless plugs, eh? Presenting my 3rd game, Snail Panic:

"A fun retro arcade stlye platform puzzle game. Help SK Snail find all of the fruit in the garden while avoiding crazed garden critters!!

Famicom / Nintendo 8 bit style visuals with gameplay inspired by Donkey Kong, Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros, Mario Bros & others.

Joypad support / 40 levels"

It's a small file, clocking in at under 2 MB and pretty straightforward to play. I'd love to hear any comments/thoughts/feedback/whatever...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time to Panic

While browsing through the usual Euro schlock trailers, I noticed that a gracious soul has uploaded Tonino Ricci's inept monster mash Panic (1981) in it's entirety.

It's not a bad looking print either. Just don't ask for those 90 minutes of your life back:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Delirium: Le Foto Di Gioia - Simon Boswell (Soundtrack)

Presenting today is the hard to find soundtrack to Lamberto Bava's 1988 giallo Delirium: Le Foto Di Gioia by Simon Boswell. English musician Boswell was no stranger to the Italian Schlock scene, having already contributed works to Phenomena, Demons 2, Stagefright and would go on to be Bava's 'composer of choice' for almost all of his efforts from around this period. The film is a fairly standard latter day giallo which serves more as a vehicle for the ample charms of Serena Grandi. There are a couple of minor points of interest: Italo pop princess Sabrina (anyone recall "Boys, boys, boys"?) and loveable George Eastman have sizeable roles, the killer has a demented point of view where he views his victims with insect heads and it's all backed with a punchy little score by Simon Boswell.

Way back in the day, when I was buying and selling rare soundtracks on actual, physical vinyl (remember that?), I was offered this soundtrack, almost apologetically, by an Italian dealer. It's sourced from the original Cinevox audiocassette release which I then converted to CD. I'm guessing it's a pretty obscure release (the Soundtrack Collector website doesn't offer any info) which was released to limited quantities of vinyl and audiocassette. A few of the tracks have sultry spoken word by Serena Grandi and that's part of the official release. Seems like an odd choice perhaps Grandi was attempting to launch a recording career at the same time? In any case, I've included a rip of the title theme as it appears in the film as a bonus track.
Now if only I could get my hands on Simon Boswell's Brivido Giallo...
Simon Boswell - Delirium: Le Foto Di Gioia (OST)
1 - Sete
2 - Le Foto Di Gioia
3 - Chase
4 - Climax (Instrumental)
5 - Delirio
6 - Window
7 - Air Fix
8 - Climax
9 - Adolf's Birthday
10 - Clean Sweep
11 - Moving Right Along
12 - Holding Perfectly Still
13 - Cemetery 1 & 2
14 - Il Sogno Di Serena
15 - Le Foto Di Gioia (Film Version)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


One of the best things about running a blog is that you never quite know what goodies are going to turn up in your inbox. This was a nice little surprise: "Unhinged", the debut EP from Indy soundscape artist Liminal. If you like creepy, minimal synths ala early John Carpenter & Angelo Badalamenti, then you're really going to enjoy this.

Along with a free download, you can also get your hands on a limited edition CDR. Support a great cause and check it out: