Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Have a happy & safe New Year...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Red Light Movies - Nico Fidenco

A kind soul has uploaded the Nico Fidenco rarity 'Red Light Movies' onto Youtube & I've taken the liberty of downloading the tracks, tagging & converting them to mp3 at the highest possible settings and then compiling them as they originally appeared on this rare & long out of print LP.

The original LP featured a compilation of themes from the trio of obscure Italo sexy comedies Benevenuto Sesso, Labbra Bagnate & Le Ereditere Superporno. The album is mostly Fidenco compositions, however the Benevenuto Sesso tracks were actually composed by While you could easily be mistaken for expecting hip-grinding synths & wacka-wacka fuzz guitars, it's actually nothing of the sort. It's a far more restrained collection in tone than you might expect; it's almost "respectful" at times... A welcome release nonetheless - feel the love!

More details about the original LP can be had over here:

Nico Fidenco

"Red Light Movies"

Beat LPF 054 (1981)

1 - Away

2 - Small Fawn Clawn

3 - Red Sound

4 - Emotional Service

5 - Black Soft

6 - Dutch Poppy

7 - Helen's Love

8 - Fly, Oh, Fly!

9 - Romantic July I

10 - Romantic July II

11 - Rectangle

12 - Solitude Love