Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yeti - Sante Maria Romitelli

Here's something I was sharing elsewhere but considering the hassle involved, I'm going to share the link here too. It's Sante Maria Romitelli's score for the 1977 schlocker "Yeti: Giant Of The 20th Century".
In case it wasn't bloody obvious, it's an Italian made "King Kong" rip-off that was rushed into production when the Dino De Laurentiis remake was making headlines. I've only ever suffered through the dreadfully pan & scanned version released to video tape way back in the early eighties. From memory, it was one of those covers than only featured poster artwork; no photos - usually a good sign you've just rented a stinkaroonie.
It's pretty much a retread of the Kong formula only with even cheesier effects than the De Laurentiis version (if possible) and some of the most appalling rear projection effects ever committed to film. There's also too much time spent on a silly dog subplot and not nearly enough Yeti smashing stuff. There is however a strangely perverse scene of Antonella Interlenghi brushing against Yeti's nipple, causing it to dilate!

Director 'Frank Kramer' (Gianfranco Parolini), who had previously helmed the recommended western "Sabata", does the best he can with what little he has and at the very least, there's a worthwhile Romitelli score. There's even a disco theme performed by Romitelli & the session musicians under the name 'The Yetians'! And this film is a damn sight better than that other "Kong" clone "Queen Kong" but that may be only because it doesn't have a grinning Robin Askwith in it.
A note about the format: this is a 'lossless' share; so you're gonna get a log, Image sheet and a WAV file which has been converted into a FLAC file. If there's actually any demand for it, I'll consider the possibility of an MP3 alternative.

1 - The Giant - Overture (05:19)
2 - Idyllic Largo (06:10)
3 - Magic Epilogue (04:59)
4 - Yeti (03:11)
5 - Dreaming Of An Impossible Love (03:06)
6 - Funky Disco Soul (02:34)
7 - Celestial Reverie (01:56)
8 - Magic In The Air (02:36)
9 - Fugue In A Minor (01:22)

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Few Notes From Cipriani

I'm a big fan of composer Stelvio Cipriani. While he can already count such memorable themes as "Baron Blood", "Rabid Dogs", "Iguana With A Tongue Of Fire", "Mark The Nark" (and a swag of other Italo crime flicks), "Nightmare City" and "Anonimo Veneziano" - to name just a few - to his credit, Cipriani has composed a LOT of music. Naturally a composer this diverse worked on a variety of projects, including a number of library albums, pressed in very limited quantities. A kind soul was good enough to upload a few of these tracks (thank you Musicali78 - any chance of getting the full album..???) and I've ripped 'em and put them together in this little Stelvio Cipriani compilation. It's a small file, around 25MB, so think of it as an EP that never was. Go on - put it on your MP3 player and strut down the street with a spring in your step!

1 - Bersaglio Altezza Uomo (1979)
2 - Sweet Meeting (1979)
3 - Ground Glass (1980)
4 - That's Enough For Now (1980)
5 - The Magic Touch (1980)