Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Most Essential Cult Movies Of The 1970s

The '70s will always be considered the 'golden era' of the cult/exploitation era (at least of the pure sleaze grindhouse variety) and a fellow blogger has sent out a call for a list of essential titles.

And I love lists. This kinda thing is always subjective but here is my very own 'desert island' selection:

1970: El Topo & Gimme Shelter. Probably played together at some point.
1971: Daughters Of Darkness. Or maybe Two Lane Blacktop. Depends on the mood.
1972: Last House On The Left or Pink Flamingos
1973: Flesh For Frankenstein
1974: It's a tie between Let Sleeping Corpses Lie & Phantom Of The Paradise.
1975: Deep Red
1976: Eraserhead
1977: Martin
1978: Dawn Of The Dead.
1979: Mad Max & The Warriors

Wheew! That wasn't easy! Anyone else have others to share..?


  1. I bet it wasn't easy... that's why I hate doing lists like these! Mine would include HAROLD & MAUDE, LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH, HOLY MOUNTAIN, EMMANUELLE, COCKFIGHTER... but I agree with just about all of yours. Good calls.

  2. Just found your blog today and love it! I love lists too(that's what I do on my blog). My top 70s cult films would be:HALLOWEEN, SORCERER, THE BROOD, ROCK N ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, TWO LANE BACKTOP, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE...
    maybe a few more I can't think of. Here's my whole top 100 films:

  3. Definitely agree with you for El Topo, Daughters of Darkness and Deep Red. I'd have to add The Holy Mountain in there too (think it's as great as El Topo).