Monday, August 2, 2010

More Requests!

While I haven't had any joy yet from my earlier post regarding requests for some soundtracks that have slipped through my grasps, I have found a few more to include. I have plenty of stuff not listed on the blog to share/swap, so if you have any of these (rips are fine, not after the original vinyl), please drop me a line...
- Wild Beasts / Daniele Patucchi (Cam LP)
- Controrapina / Paolo Vasile (Cinevox LP MDF 33.127, 1979)
- Fuga Dal Bronx / Francesco De Masi (Beat LP)
- Queen Kong / The Peppers (Cam LP or Jap CD) ----- it's even on iTunes..!
- James Rogers - Even Unknown Terror / Various (Cam LP, 1982)
- Il Giorno Dal Cobra / Paolo Vasile (Cinevox LP MDF 33.141, 1980)

More to come, but that'll do for now...


  1. Have not come across the entire Daniele Patucchi "Wild Beasts" album but the couple of tracks I have heard off it are just stunning...I should be getting a copy of another amazing soundtrack by him in a couple of weeks called 'Turbo Time' which has some great "fall off your chair in astonishment..this was made in 1983???" tracks - will definitely sort you a rip of that.

  2. paolo vasile - il giorno dal cobra:

  3. Thanks very much for sharing - I'll leave it on the list along with this link in case any one else is after it :)

  4. Love this blog! Any luck with the wild beasts?

  5. I know this was posted 4 years ago, but is there anyway to get a copy of James Rogers - Even... Unknown Terror? I've been looking a long time for that one. It would be great appreciated.