Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Psycheground Mix

Something a little different this week with this mix of trippin' acid rock from early '70s Italy. Lots of heavy fuzz guitar and spaced out organ vibes for your listening pleasure.
I've also been fooling around with some audio editing software and just for fun, the tracks have been cut together in one delirious 66 minute mix. I think it turned out okay, although I'd love to hear what you think.
It's actually a bit of a mystery as to who's even responsible for these tracks. In an effort to pass themselves off as British (and possibly avoid tax duties), Italian studio artists hid behind anonymous sounding monikers like 'Psycheground Group" or "Fine Machine". Composers like Giuliano Sorgini, Alessandro Alessandroni, Piero Umiliani, Armando Sciascia, Gianfranco Reverberi have all been mentioned but it appears that the true identities may be lost to the ravages of LSD soaked time. In any case, these tunes can speak for themselves!

This is my first "library" share and I plan on including more. As you can tell from the composers mentioned, there's a lot of crossover with soundtrack composition. It's really only through the joy of blogs that I even stumbled onto the subject - and I've come across some real doozies - so it seems fitting to share them back here. A big "Thank You" to the original ripper/s!
1 - Psycheground (The Psycheground Group)
2 - Fying (Braen's Machine)
3 - Handshake (Fine Machine)
4 - Elena (Fourth Sensation)
5 - Telegraph Is Calling (The Pawnshop)
6 - Microchaos (Blue Phantom)
7 - Imphormal (Braen's Machine)
8 - Flash (Duke Of Burlington)
9 - Ray (The Psycheground Group)
10 - Georgia (Fourth Sensation)
11 - Raging Beat (Fine Machine)
12 - Metamorphosis (Blue Phantom)
13 - Fall Out (Braen's Machine)
14 - Criss Cross (Duke Of Burlington)
15 - Diodi (Blue Phantom)
16 - Marta (Fourth Sensation)
17 - Gap (Braen's Machine)
18 - Violence (Blue Phantom)

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  1. Like... Far Out!