Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last House On The Beach - Soundtrack

A nasty little spin on the Last House formula - original title "La Settima Donna (The Seventh Woman)" - from Franco Prosperi. The film was retitled "Terror" for export release, but finally found a home on 42nd street under the more appropriate title "Last House On The Beach".

A gang of violent bank robbers invade a beach house, where Florinda Bolkan plays a nun/teacher to students who sit around sunbaking in bikinis. Naturally, rape and mayhem ensue... some of it filmed in slow motion for your enjoyment. Ray Lovelock has a sizeable role (even warbling on the theme tune) as the more sympathetic thug. That may be due to the inclusion of a mascara wearing sexual freak as one of the other thugs.

Music by Roberto Pregadio. While the title theme features another lovely Edda Dell'Orso vocal, the rest of the score sports some scuzzy guitar and sparse disco numbers. This release originates from a bonus disc that came with the German DVD - I've included the trailer and a rip of a short theme featured in the film that was criminally not included on the soundtrack. Why exactly the score wasn't issued for the release of the film remains a mystery. Could it be the litigious nature of the tune "Place For The Landing"...?

1 - La Settima Donna (vocals by Edda Dell'Orso)
2 - Place For The Landing (vocals by Ray Lovelock)
3 - Lo Spogliarello
4 - Favolosa Festa di Danza
5 - Costretti a Fare I'Amore
6 - Un Pomeriggio di Sole
7 - La Fuga
8 - Perfide Bestie
9 - La Settima Donna (Ripressa)
10 - Favolosa Festa di Danza (Versione Alternativa)
11 - La Fuga (Versione Alternativa)
12 - Robbery (Bonus 1)
13 - Original Trailer (Bonus 2)


  1. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0CO1BUL2

  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know that Quarted Records is releasing Amore Libero on CD! It does indeed feature Goblin as performers. Don't wait too long because it's limited to 500 copies.

  3. Dang, gonna have to get me one of those - along with the recent Cipriani comp with Cursed Medallion and others...

  4. ...and just found out about the new "Papaya Dei Caraibi" (Cipriani - D'Amato) release!

  5. Me too! Anyone getting a copy? Willing to share with me? :) All this, and a local record dealer who has an LP of Paolo Vasile's Controrapina for $70 bux! Money, money, money....