Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New York Ripper - Soundtrack

Music by Francesco De Masi to the eyeball slashing gorefest that is Lucio Fulci's Lo Squartatore Di New York. Released in 1982 and following the success of his previous Gothic projects (The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, City Of The Living Dead), this film - essentially a gory giallo with a vicious killer stalking New York - was a disappointment for fans and something of a turning point in his career. Having the killer adopt the voice of Donald Duck to taunt the police is just plain stupid and the leaden pacing and flat photography make the gore scenes a chore to get through. The hard-gore/soft-porn misogynistic nature of the film also managed to alienate all but the most hardened splatter fan and the film was subsequently banned in many territories (including my own, Australia). It doesn't help that lead actor Jack Hedley looks like he would rather be ANYWHERE else. However... it does feature another fine score from Francesco De Masi, composer of Thunder, Lone Wolf McQuade and a whole bunch of Spaghetti Westerns. The track "April Night" (performed by Walter Rizzati) also turns up in the Australian video trailer for "Cannibal Apocalypse". Weird, eh? And as a useless bit of trivia, the screenwriters of this film (Vincenzo Mannino & Gianfranco Clerici) later re-worked the screenplay to become Ruggero Deodato's Off Balance / Un Delitto Poco Comune (1988).
EDIT: This updated version has a more consistent bitrate (@320) as well as a few cover versions of the title theme. Thank you to those musicians; I'm hoping in the spirit of Fulci-ness, they won't mind me sharing their fantastic versions!

1 - New York One More Day
2 - Phone Call
3 - New York One Night
4 - Puerto Rico Club
5 - The Ripper
6 - New York One More Day (Funk)
7 - Fay
8 - Where Is The Ripper?
9 - New York One Night 2
10 - Puerto Rico Club 2
11 - Suspense And Murder
12 - Waiting For The Killer
13 - New York One More Day (Funk - Long Mix)
14 - Fay (Alternate)
15 - New York One More Day (Funk - Alternate Mix)
16 - April Night (Walter Rizzati)
17 - Porn Scene Song (I Got A Misery?)
18 - New York One More Day (Another Dead Junkie)
19 - New York One More Day (Jazz Version)
20 - New York One More Day (Island Rocks)
Bonus - Original Trailer


  1. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J9BRUODJ

    Quack! Quack! Quack! Poor Dumb Cop..!

  2. This is a Schtoffer I can't refuse! ;)

    Love this score, so, much thanks for suffering the film to bring an expanded version to my ears!

  3. @ Schtoffer - It's terrific, but would be even better if the kbt rates matched.
    I'm asking around for a proper 320 rip of the Ripper to give you.
    Stay tuned.

  4. Fiddled with the porno song and added a snip of dialogue so it wouldn't end so abruptly:


  5. Hey mighty Isbum, thank you very much for your efforts, I'm going to re-post this one in a 'sweeter' version, thanks again..!

  6. Here's the link to the updated version:


  7. @ Schtoffer - You were too quick with the updated version. I got you this -

    Courtesy of 7 Black Notes:
    New York Ripper - FLAC


  8. Be my Hero, and do one more for the isbum. :))

  9. Yikes! Thanks again for your efforts Isbum, much appreciated - I think I'm just about done with that damn sqwacking Ripper tho, I'm just going to leave the links in here and give readers the choice of which version/s they want - Quack! Quack!

  10. Da da damp dummm... da dadump dummm...

    It's stuck inside my head...!

    Send h-e-l-p! ;)

    Good work Hero!

  11. That's funny, I just finished work and have been humming that same bloody tune all night - I'm really enjoying that Island Rocks version; it's like John Carpenter covering De Masi - Brilliant!

  12. This is too freakin' much! Spasmo-Mixtape is definitely in my all time top-ten music blogs...the reasons?? Just look at the posts maannn!

    There is some truly amazing music on this soundtrack...where has it been hiding all my life!?!

  13. aahh at last the identity of that bizarre little bit of music chucked on at the end of the Cannibal Apocalypse trailer has been revealed! Always wondered what it was (and why the hell it was tacked on the trailer like that?!?)

  14. Great site. Please is it possible to upload the Alternate and long mixes. Songs 13 to 20. There was only the 12 original songs in the hotfile link.

    Thanks ^.^

  15. thanks for this ost but links are death please make us a reup

    thank you in advance

  16. Re-please! I've been looking for that "I got a misery" song for so long