Monday, June 28, 2010

The Goblin Project 2

Due to popular demand... Well, kind of... A follow-up to my previous Goblin collection, this volume collects some of their lesser known projects. First up, is the Discocross album, a groovy dancefloor disco beast arranged by one Giorgio Farina and performed by the classic line-up of Goblin circa 1978. Only 3 tracks, but well worth a listen.

Next up is the later studio album "Volo" (or "Flight") which featured only the remnants of the original line-up (Fabio Pignatelli being the mainstay), added some studio musicians and some pretty mellow pop tunes with Italian vocals. It's not an outright disaster, but I'm not sure it's the sound you want to hear Goblin associated with. It's worth noting that it's the release of this album from 1982 which led to the Tenebre spoundtrack not receiving an official Goblin credit at the time. The pleasant tune "Est" was also later reworked for the "Notturno" soundtrack.

Finally, we have some (otherwise unreleased) music from "Squadra Antimafia", the follow-up to the Thomas Milian/Nico Giraldi vehicle "Squadra Antigangsters". The audio is taken straight from a video source, complete with snippets of sound and dialogue, so thanks to the original ripper.

1 - Farina's Suite (Discocross)
2 - Tawawa's (Discocross)
3 - Suite Slide Return (Discocross)
4 - Polvere Blu (Volo)
5 - Fortuna (Volo)
6 - Giornata Isterica (Volo)
7 - Agrodulce (Volo)
8 - Armonia (Volo)
9 - Volo (Volo)
10 - Punta Di Rottura (Volo)
11 - Est (Volo)
12 - Squadra Antimafia 1
13 - Squadra Antimafia 2
14 - Squadra Antimafia 3
15 - Squadra Antimafia 4



  2. Awesome. Thanks for posting this.

  3. which Goblin release features the title track in "Hell of the Living Dead/Night of the Zombies". I understand Bruno Mattei recycled alot of Goblin tracks in this film, many from "Zombi" and "Contamination". Never been able to locate the track that plays over the title sequence in Hell.

  4. Hi there Lyhue, the title theme to "Hell Of The Living Dead" (as well as a few bits of incidental music) were actually composed by Gianni Dell'Orso. My first mixtape featured that theme ripped from DVD:

    Hope that helps!

  5. LOL! Really should have checked with the new posts before I re-re requested 'Volo' in the other Goblin post!

    Also thanks for posting the Squadra Antimafia material, I thought I knew my Goblin but I had never heard of a follow up to "Squadra Antigangsters" or that Goblin did a follow up soundtrack learn something new every day!

    Speaking of the "Squadra Antigangsters" soundtrack, I know many Goblin fans think of it as the anti-christ but I really like it but again, I like prog and disco so its the perfect record for me plus the heavenly Asha Puthli contributes to two of the best tracks....anyway, I have the rip in 192, can anyone do any better?

  6. Hey guys!

    Here is my little contribution to the Goblin post, the Discocross mini-album in glorious 320! I have just d/l and unRARed it and it works fine but any hassle with it let me know.

    Feel free to update the original post or use the link as an optional extra - of course anyone else is free to d/l it.

    To be honest I am in real shock over the Volo album, it is a huge departure from anything I have ever heard by the Goblin does not fit into the early Libra/Cherry Five/Roller material nor the "prog-horror-groove" of Suspiria or even the more "disco" sounds of really is one of a kind and I think I need some more listens before forming an opinion - huge thanks again for sharing such a rarity!

    PS> I will assemble the best of the Simonetti Easy Going/Capricorn/Kasso etc tracks and bundle them up for you all, they are all over the place at the moment so give me a week and I will have it sorted.

    Did someone mention "Squadra Antigangsters" in 320?!? *drool* ;)

  7. Ha so my Sqadra Antigangster RIP made the round :) Just by accident I found your interesting page. Thanks for sharing
    Sorry no Antigangster in 320kb because I found the film just as an DVD RIP with 128kb audio so maybe some Italian guy could make an RIP from the Original DVD :)