Sunday, June 13, 2010


Hello there fellow film music fan, hope you're enjoying the posts. Going to take the opportunity to issue a few requests for albums that have somehow escaped my grasps. I'm not aware of any CD re-issues. Any assistance would be much appreciated!

- La Preda (Vince Tempera & Fabio Frizzi) - Cinevox LP MDF 33/77
- Amore Libero (Fabio Frizzi) - Cinevox LP MDF 33/76
- Brivido Giallo (Simon Boswell) - Cinevox LP/Cassette
- Red Light Movies (Nico Fidenco) - Beat LP


  1. I would love to hear the complete score to Amore Libero. It's only available on LP though. But a few tracks are featured on the album, Perchè Si Uccidono by Il Reale Impero Britannico, aka our Goblin.

  2. I always thought Frizzi wrote some of the tracks for the 1976 Perchè Si Uccidono album and Goblin peformed them..sounds like I am completely wrong about this....are you saying that some of the tracks from his 'Amore Libero' soundtrack album turned up on the Il Reale Impero Britannico AKA Goblin album?

    Regardless, 'My Damned Shit' has to be one of my all time favourite tracks!

    On another note, I will definitely look out for the albums you have requested but I have a feeling if you are struggling to find a rip, a relative soundtrack novice like myself will have no chance!

    PS> That cover to the Simon Boswell "Brivido Giallo" soundtrack is truly astonishing! Anyone know anything about this particular film?

  3. Heya Saucer People, cheers for your comments. Did I mention that you must find yourself the OSTs to Milano Calibro 9 / Luis Bacalov & Osanna - Mark The Nark / Stelvio Cipriani - Some of the best stuff around...

    Brivido Giallo was an Italian tv series (there's possibly a wiki entry for it) composed of 4 films directed by Lamberto Bava that were released to video for the rest of the world - you may have heard of them: "Dinner With The Vampire", "Grabveyard Disturbance", "Until Death" & "The Ogre / Demons 3" - none of them are great films but there is some wonderful Simon Boswell music there. "Hitch", the title theme to "Until Death", was released on one of the Fantafestival cds and I ripped the Dinner With The Vampire theme, but I want the rest of it, dammit!

    Speaking of requests, I have a bunch of new finds to include..!

  4. Hey there

    Huge thanks for all the recommendations you mentioned, anything coming from this blog will be filed under 'must have' (I already have my 'obscure Italian soundtracks to find' notepad file at the ready every time I explore this blog!)

    Thanks for filling me on the Brivido Giallo films, I just knew with a cover that good, the music had to be something special. I have Demons 3(great soundtrack) but had no idea it was part of a Bava quartet...actually the films sound pretty interesting as well.

    Ever since watching Hardware all those years ago, Simon Boswell's music is definitely something that stuck in my head...he definitely has that 'Italian' sensibility which is why I guess he is more in-demand over there as opposed to here in the UK.

    Thanks also for filling me in on

  5. Wow, shocker! It looks like Amore Libero has finally been released on CD. Limited edition of 500 copies available.

  6. just posted Simon Boswell's Brivido Giallo OST over here...