Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cannibal Apocalypse - Soundtrack

This is the soundtrack for Antonio Margheriti's Cannibal Apocalypse (aka Apocalypse Domani, Invasion Of The Flesh Hunters, Virus, and many others...), a rip-roaring bit of exploitation nonsense starring John Saxon. Vietnam veterans return to America with a cannibalistic virus and run amuck! As the virus spreads and the police edge closer, the desperate group of cannibals hide in the city sewers. Not really a zombie or cannibal film, although the film is clearly inspired by Dawn Of The Dead (screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti manages to throw in a biker gang and a trip to the mall). It's all pretty silly but there's the occasional jolting gore scene (John Morghen has a gaping hole blown thrown his torso, for example) to perk things up. Then there's the alternatively funky and creepy score from Alessandro Blonksteiner, who really oughtta have composed more Euro Schlock scores. Still awaiting a CD re-issue, this is the longest version available, complete with some bonus bits n pieces...


1 - Jane
2 - Apocalypse
3 - Impossible Love
4 - Apocalypse & Love
5 - Boys & Girls
6 - Underground Fugue
7 - Market Suspense
8 - Jane 2
9 - Station Service
10 - Impossible Love 2
11 - Dreadful Night
12 - Jane 3
13 - Target Firing
14 - At The Hospital
15 - Cannibal Apocalypse m20
16 - Cannibal Apocalypse m27
17 - Cannibal Apocalypse - Suite 1
18 - Cannibal Apocalypse - Suite 2
Bonus - Original Trailer


  1. 'In the jungle or city, still they must eat!'


  2. thank you! i've been looking for this for a while. such a good and gory fast paced action movie!

  3. 'In the jungle or city, still they must eat!'


    This is one of those films that has been on my 'must get around to seeing' list for years...listening to the soundtrack has suddenly made it essential I watch it in the next 24 hours....please be on a torrent....please be on a torrent...limbs crossed!