Friday, September 3, 2010

A Few Notes From Cipriani

I'm a big fan of composer Stelvio Cipriani. While he can already count such memorable themes as "Baron Blood", "Rabid Dogs", "Iguana With A Tongue Of Fire", "Mark The Nark" (and a swag of other Italo crime flicks), "Nightmare City" and "Anonimo Veneziano" - to name just a few - to his credit, Cipriani has composed a LOT of music. Naturally a composer this diverse worked on a variety of projects, including a number of library albums, pressed in very limited quantities. A kind soul was good enough to upload a few of these tracks (thank you Musicali78 - any chance of getting the full album..???) and I've ripped 'em and put them together in this little Stelvio Cipriani compilation. It's a small file, around 25MB, so think of it as an EP that never was. Go on - put it on your MP3 player and strut down the street with a spring in your step!

1 - Bersaglio Altezza Uomo (1979)
2 - Sweet Meeting (1979)
3 - Ground Glass (1980)
4 - That's Enough For Now (1980)
5 - The Magic Touch (1980)




  2. Thanks Musicali78 & Sir SuperSchtoffer!

  3. Love Cipriati's title track for 'Ring of Darkness' too, has a great Goblinesque sound to it.