Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Variety Of Curios...

Ever since seeing early sale advertisments for films like "Zombi 2" & other Italo classics (in ye olde back issues of fanzines like European Trash Cinema, Absurd, Spaghetti Cinema and others), I'd always wanted to see more. Many years ago, I even scoured the city library in an effort to see more of these type of advertisments, but to little avail. I soon realized that these ads originally appeared in the weekly US film trade newspaper Variety, but finding genre-related product was a strictly hit & miss affair. Then I kinda forget about them for a while...

Cut to over 10 years later and that beautiful thing we know as the 'net has delivered the goods once again. Stumbling across a horror film related forum, I found this wonderful thread devoted to just these images. Some many fascinating images to enjoy here:

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of these "Spasmo Approved" selections for you to enjoy! Thank you to the fine folks who went to the effort of getting scans/photos.

A couple of early posters (with unused titles and artwork) for "Zombi 2" and "Zombie Holocaust/Dr Butcher M.D."
An unmade Italian Amityville rip-off - or did it eventually become Amityville 2 anyways???

One of several announced yet unmade Wes Craven productions, this would eventually become Ruggero Deodato's "Cut & Run"!

A couple of high profile genre directors attempt (unsuccessfully) to launch another Frankenstein remake.

A couple from Antonio Margheriti: "Hunter Of The Apocalypse" become "The Last Hunter", while "The Final Executor" wasn't made (although it may have become Enzo Castellari's "1990: Bronx Warriors").

An unmade Italian killer snake production that had Ruggero Deodato attached at one point.

A pair of unrealized "Superman" rip-offs, one from the guy behind "Dawn Of The Mummy" and the other from the creative team that brought you "Pieces"!

Announced several times over the years, this belated sequel to "Last House On The Left" was to feature teens stumbling onto an island where Krug still resided!

Very early artwork for the Bava/Argento collaboration "Demons".

A couple of unmade Lucio Fulci films and an interesting ad for "The Beyond".

Early ad for Joe Spinell's "Maniac", back when Daria Niclodi was still going to play a part.

Another title that was announced for years, Ruggero Deodato's unmade "Cannibal Fury", the follow-up to his notorious "Cannibal Holocaust".

And it doesn't get any better than this: the unmade "Ilsa Meets Bruce Lee In The Devil's Triangle" - brilliant!


  1. Very interesting! Are these made to raise funds for unproduced projects?
    I know at least of one occasion where a detailed poster was made before there even was a script, so eventually the produced film was based on what the artist drew on the poster...

  2. Wow, stumbled upon this post while doing a search. I'm the nut responsible for uploading those pics and I'm glad you are getting the word out on some of these tempting unmade productions. Check out my Video Junkie blog and the "Never Got Made" Files for more examples.

  3. Great stuff, I haven't seen most of these. I've got a small ad for Mario Bava's would-be project 'Baby Kong' from an old issue of Cinema Papers, not sure if you've seen it?