Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spamo Mixtape Sampler - Session 1

Yay for me! We've hit the 10,000 views point and in order to celebrate I've put together a little sampler mix that manages to combine the best from the previous posts as well as the inclusion of a few updated/remastered versions of previous posts.

So this is for the handful of good folk who've popped in and shared their thoughts, even shared some tunes before departing into the night. Also I thought this might make an ideal introduction to the blog for anyone who's been curious about some of the music to be had around here. Not to mention it's an ideal way fro me to serve up leftovers. I guess it's also for that strange guy over there in the corner who comes and goes before you even notice... (10, 000+ views & only a handful of comments? C'mon guys..!)

Some notes on Spasmo Mixtape Sampler - Session 1

A Blade In The Dark - This suite is a different mix than previously featured on 7 Notes From The Crypt. This manages to combine most of the themes from the film into one mix.

Man From Deep River - After scouring through a back catalogue of library stuff in my collection, I realised Patucchi had officially released the theme on a CAM library album.
Cut & Run - I found a clip that features the 12" mix as featured on the B side of the Claudio Simonetti "Skywalker" LP. Since Simonetti has claimed that the master tapes for this release are long lost to a flooding incident, this may be the only chance to source it!

Goblin2010 - These live studio tracks were recorded May 2010 and feature the (almost) classic line-up of Massimo Morante, Claudio Simonetti & Maurizio Guarini (no Fabio Pignatelli?).

Horror Express & My Bloody Valentine - A couple of very nicely composed horror themes. If I had of thought of them in time, I would have included them on my Gore Score release.

Robbery - alt (Last House On The Beach) - I think I sourced this from Paul Durango's blog. If so, cheers for digging this up. It's the same unreleased track from the robbery scene but appears to originate from the German release where it sounds much better.

1 - A Blade In The Dark - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
2 - Man From Deep River - Daniele Patucchi
3 - Cut & Run - Claudio Simonetti
4 - Shake (Orgasmo Nero) - Stelvio Cipriani
5 - Porno Holocaust - Stelvio Cipriani
6 - Horror Express - John Cacavas
7 - My Bloody Valentine - Paul Zaza
8 - Roller - Goblin2010
9 - Profondo Rosso - Goblin2010
10 - Zombi (live 2008) - Goblin
11 - 1990 The Bronx Warriors - Walter Rizzati - Roberto Pregadio
12 - Bronx Warriors 2 - Francesco De Masi
13 - Fay (The New York Ripper) - Francesco Santucci remix
14 - Cannibal Apocalypse - Alessandro Blonksteiner
15 - Place For The Landing (Last House On The Beach) - Roberto Pregadio & Ray Lovelock
16 - Robbery - Alternate (Last House On The Beach) - Roberto Pregadio
17 - Funky Disco Soul (Yeti) - Sante Maria Romitelli
18 - Preludio (Milano Calibro 9) - Luis Bacalov / Osanna
19 - Dune Buggy (Watch Out, We're Mad!) - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
20 - Lone Wolf McQuade (live) - Alessandro Alessandroni



  2. Thanks, I was looking for the Man From Deep River theme!

  3. Thank you for all the effort you put in, sharing these Italian goodies with us
    much appreciated.

  4. :)
    My pleasure. More goodies to come...

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    Greeting from France and a thousand of thanks !

  7. great work unfortunately...dead link would u upload them again plz,,, thanx