Friday, April 16, 2010

Radio Spots From Hell

Horror Film Radio Spots - As much as I love trailers, radio spots really had to go that extra mile to seize a listener's attention. Shrieks and howls are common, but it's the hyperbole of the narrators that really managed to 'sell the sizzle'. Most of these tracks first surfaced thanks to the efforts of Mike Vraney's 'Something Weird Video'. Back in the days of VHS (remember that?), Something Weird gave away radio trailer comps on audio cassette with any of their utterly amazing trailer tapes. I still have fond memories of subjecting one and all to the gory delights of the Blood-O-Rama Shriek Show trailer compilation during my 18th birthday.

I've managed to locate some extra tracks that I considered 'essential' for any horror compilation (that means more Fulci, early Cronenberg & grindhouse standards) and converted them to MP3 to make this the ultimate horror radiothon:

Abby / Amityville Horror / And Now The Screaming Starts / Astro Zombies / Asylum Of The Insane / Basket Case / Beyond The Door / Black Christmas / Blood Drinkers / Blood Feast / Blood Mania / Blood Rose + The Body Stealers / Blood-O-Rama Shock Show / Blood Voyage / Boris Karloff Festival / The Brainiac + Curse Of The Crying Woman / The Brood / Cannibal Girls + Raw Meat / The Corpse Grinders + Undertaker & His Pals + The Embalmer / The Crawling Thing + Creature Of Evil / Creature From Black Lake / The Creeping Flesh / The Crimson Cult + Horror House / Cry Of The Banshee / Crypt Of Dark Secrets + Punch Of Death / Dawn Of The Dead / The Devil's Nightmare / The Devil's Rain + Virgin Witch / Don't Open The Window / Don't Answer The Phone / Dr Tarr's Torture Dungeon / Encounter With The Unknown / The Equinox / Eyeball + Suspiria / The Female Butcher / Flesh Feast / I Dismember Mama + The Bloodspattered Bride / Frogs / Funeral Home / Gates Of Hell / Gruesome Twosome + Something Weird / Halloween / Hell Night / Horror Marathon / Horror Of Dracula / Horror Of The Blood Monsters / Horror Of The Zombies / Horror On Snape Island / House By The Cemetery / House Of Exorcism / House That Vanished / Humanoids From The Deep / I Drink Your Blood + I Eat Your Skin / Incredible 2 Headed Transplant / Invasion Of The Blood Farmers / Lady Frankenstein / Last House On The Left / Loch Ness Horror / Man Buried Alive Horrorthon / Manmade Monster + Bloody Vampire / Maniac / Maniacs Are Loose / Mansion Of The Doomed / Mark Of The Devil / Massacre At Central High / Incredible Melting Man / Monsters Crash The Pyjama Party / Monsters A Go Go / Necromancy / Monster Show / Nurse Sherri / Paranoia / Phantasm / Rabid / Return Of Count Yorga / Sadismo / Schizoid / Scream & Scream Again / Shock Waves / Simon King Of The Witches / Something Is Out There / Spirits Of The Dead / Squirm / Suspiria / Teenage Psycho Meets Bloody Mary / The Redeemer / Theatre Of Blood / They Came From Within / They're Coming To Get You / The Toolbox Murders / Triple Terror Show / Visiting Hours / Women & Bloody Terror + Night Of Bloody Horror / Werewolves On Wheels / Zombie



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