Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cheesy Sounds Of Al Adamson

Al Adamson directed some quality grindhouse schlock back in the '70s and the following compilation celebrates the cheesy and queezy sounds of his films. Gasp to Don McGinnes' Angels Wild Women theme! Scream to William Lava's epic theme to Dracula Vs. Frankenstein! Groove to the wild Harley Hatcher jams for Satan's Sadists!

There was already a compilation floating around with a similiar name but I had some trouble finding it so here it is... again. I've added some additional themes (Brain Of Blood was, well, a 'a no-brainer') as well as an audio rip of producer and friend Sam Sherman having a chat about Al.

As an afterthought, maybe I should have included that stupid metal man thing from Cinderella 2000..?

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