Monday, May 31, 2010

The Goblin Project

A special treat for fans of Goblin (Italian soundtrack prog rockers) - a collection of live tracks that makes a nice compliment to the only official release (as featured on Fantastic Voyage Of Goblin disc 2).

1 - Intro / Death Dies (Italy, 1975)
2 - Cold Summer (Italy, 1975)
3 - Mad Puppet (Italy, 1975)
4 - Goblin (Italy, 1975)
5 - Il Risveglio del Serpente (Italy, 1975)
6 - Profondo Rosso (Italy, 1975)
7 - Aquaman (UK, 2009)
8 - School At Night (UK, 2009)
9 - Tenebre (UK, 2009)
10 - E Suono Rock (Italy, 2009)
11 - Suspiria (Italy, 2009)
12 - Dawn Of The Dead (Italy 2009)
13 - Magic Thriller (Italy, 2009
14 - Profondo Rosso (Italy, 2009)

The '75 tracks date from a rare recording of a concert with the original line-up (Simonetti - Pignatelli - Morante - Marangolo - Guarini) of Goblin performing a brief promo tour for Profondo Rosso as well as their forthcoming release, Roller. The 2009 tracks feature a mostly reformed Goblin (minus Simonetti, who still tours with his own band, Daemonia) and they still sound great.

No bonus track this time around; I ran out of room at 79:30!

Shame about the quality of the recordings; can't be helped :-( If anyone feels like cleaning the audio up, be my guest - just be sure to send 'em back so I can share with everyone!

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    Viva la Goblin..!

  2. Btw, no bonus tracks - does that mean you have some more live recordings (besides the official CD)? The quality is pretty ok, I was expecting far worse.
    If interested, I can upload my LP rip of Volo to return the favor.

  3. Hi there, glad you liked it - I do have a few more bits & pieces, possibly enough for a second volume... I was thinking of including Discocross in there somewhere...

    I would greatly appreciate a rip of Volo; it's a gap in my collection! Thanks in advance.

    A couple that I'm still after - apparently Goblin played on them:
    Amore Libero / Fabio Frizzi (Cinevox MDF 33/76)
    La Preda / Vince Tempera & Franco Bixio (Cinevox MDF 33/77)

  4. Yeah! Far better quality than I expected though what is gutting is the fact I had tickets for the 2009 UK show and came down with the worst case of flu imaginable a few days before (if I could have crawled out of bed I would have gone!)so its a strange feeling when I listen to those particular tracks....fingers crossed they will tour again!

    Did someone mention the 1982 'Volo' album?!? One of the main Goblin gaps in my collection as well so any chance of a link to it? (please!). If you have the 1978 Giorgio Farini Discocross in anything less than 320 let me know and I will send them you though I am sure you have that sorted.
    Its weird how Farini released so little after 'Discocross' (there is a 1991 Jam Jet track he mixed but its very generic Italo-house and very disappointing) as I think its one of the best prog/disco/rock records ever conceived and it still sounds amazing 32 years later.

    jackamo23ATgmailcom if its possible to get a link for Volo (and I promise not to post it anywhere!)

    Cool blog! Viva la Goblin!

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  6. Do you still require Volo and/or Discocross? I am seeking Amore Libero myself. Please let me know.

  7. Hey there Avanze, I do have Volo but my Discocross is only @192 - any chance of an upgrade..?

  8. Hi Schtoffer, my version of Discocross is 162kbps (VBR).

  9. Bummer, thanks anyway buddy - I'm thinking of posting another Goblin mix of Discocross, Volo and a few little bits n pieces... Coming Soon to this space!

  10. I look forward to that Schtoffer. Thanks for posting the rare concert recordings.

  11. Still wondering if somone has a rip of Volo that maybe I could swap with for some more Goblin related material (lots or rare Simonetti!).

    Also have the three Discocross tracks in glorious 320 rip so if anyone wants them leave a message here, I am happy to upload them if there is any demand.

  12. The waiting has an End Amore Libero is coming in September but only 500 copies.